The Taiwanese people have a right to follow their own democratic road without interference from China. The EU should support their struggle to remain independent from China. Taiwan’s gifts to several of the Western countries, including Sweden, in the form of face masks, is legit. China has been using the method of intimidation and extortion all through the pandemic. If you let yourself go, and grovel to the CCP for medical equipment, then China will consider providing your country with some equipment. Those countries have chosen their path and they will probably pay the ultimate price in due time. I guess they skipped history class in school? Here are some news for you, China doesn’t care about you! They are going to rape your women and crush you under some boards while holding a banquet on top of you! History revisited.

Strategiska insamlingscentralen, chairman Roger M. Klang

Publicerad av Roger Klang

I come from Arboga, Sweden, same latitude as Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. The year in which I was born was 1965. But I grew up in the region of Scania in the south end of Sweden. I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ but I still don’t go to Church. I don’t know what else to say about myself so I’ll stop here. The truth is, you wouldn’t know me if you had read a book about me. I’m pretty unique I like to think. We all are, but especially me. Roger M. Klang, civis Lundensis

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