This video shows how the virus is spreading right now, and to what countries. It looks like Covid-19 is a seasonal and weather sensitive virus. It should come as no surprise. If you look at the climate zones you can see how the virus, in the big picture, keeps within a certain zone right now. Interesting that Spain hasn’t got a Covid-19 outbreak in a scope like Italy’s. The tourists in Spain are mainly North-Europeans. Italy gets a lot of tourists from China and Northern Europe and America. Australia have a lot of Chinese citizens but they still only have (had?) around 200 cases of Covid-19 infected people. We are closing in on the facts I’d say.

I would also like to say that the government in Sweden has done the right thing by not closing the schools. We are passed the point when we could have stopped the virus from spreading in our society. Closing our schools would have only created a panic and a hoarding of toiletpaper and other necessities when you are risking death. The only good thing that could have come out from closing our schools is that we could have won a day or two, so that we or others could have had time to produce and manufacture a vaccine in a big scale. But it looks like a faint chance for that to happen in time.

We will soon see who’s populus panic the most and hords the most toiletpaper, Denmarks, Norways, the US or Germanys and Swedens. I was at the supermarket today. I didn’t pass the toiletpaper department but there were only a few shelves with conserved cans that gaped empty. I have seen live videos from the US where pretty much all the shelves in the whole supermarket gaped totally empty.

We could have closed our borders but we have no border patrols. Idiots! But if we were to close our borders we should do it like the Germans did by being selective with who we let into our country based on where the travelers recently came from, so that we hurt our economy as little as possible. The Germans are a clever people!

China caused its own panicked situation by implementing drastic and drakonic measurements like locking down a building complex and light it on fire with the tenants still in it and other horrific cozy stuff.

When you are to implement new measurements, be sure to base those measurements on psychology, virologic facts, math and algorithms now that you have a better clue on the situation.

To the General staff

Please shortcut forward this manually to the already jammed with mail Folkhälsomyndigheten! Pardon me for using English, but it gets less time consuming if you want to forward this message outside of Sweden’s borders.

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Roger M. Klang

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I come from Arboga, Sweden, same latitude as Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. The year in which I was born was 1965. But I grew up in the region of Scania in the south end of Sweden. I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ but I still don’t go to Church. I don’t know what else to say about myself so I’ll stop here. The truth is, you wouldn’t know me if you had read a book about me. I’m pretty unique I like to think. We all are, but especially me. Roger M. Klang, civis Lundensis

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