Snailmail to the US Embassy in Stockholm

Hello fellas!

The reason for the Chinese using the tactics with naval militias backed up by real Naval forces, is that these lightly armed militias can disturb foreign operations and civilian sea-traffics, and if the foreign Naval forces try to intervene by sinking or damaging a militia vessel the Chinese Naval forces will have sufficient reason for attacking the foreign Naval force. Thereby making it impossible for the American Naval forces to stop the Chinese intervention without making themselves an immediate target. That is if the commander over the US Naval force doesn’t order an attack on the Chinese Naval force first of all. But then the American Navy would have started a war. That is not American praxis because the US Navy can damn well not start a war without being directly ordered by the president to do so. And that would require extensive talks in both governmental institutions and the media first. So the Chinese psyops can continue unabated, because Beijing knows that. Before you can rectify this you need to be aware.

On the other hand, if the Chinese starts a war unprovoked by attacking a US Naval force, all they would have gained is a few enemy losses in the form of some sunk or damaged American surface ships. But like the Japanese in wwii, they would at this point in history lose the war that would follow. Knowing this, and letting China know that you know, may be enough to solve the problem for you at this point in history. They are overly aggressive. And frankly, I believe that they are perverts like the muslims, because they are such an ancient culture with lots of track miles behind them and a lot of muslim interventions in their country. It’s just their racial characteristics that enables them to function efficiently as a state, however arguably so, even if they by all other logic should be just another failed state in a third world country.

I belive that the Chinese are a community which has high hopes for their family oriented culture. Just like the Arabs, North Africans and central Asians, but only the Chinese have a much more vulnerable society when it comes to their own women. Their women just don’t want to subordinate theirselves sexually. The way to get the upper hand over the Chinese is to exploit this weakness. I am in no way propagating for more sex between Western men and Chinese women, because that would just cause the Chinese to become more pissed than they already are. But instead you could try to unravel the Chinese cloth by dividing them internally. I belive you are already doing that in Hong-Kong and Taiwan. Well done!

I have decided not to put any more effort into trying to prevent the upcoming war between the US and Iran. What’s the point in doing so. We’ll see if our civilizations will survive this war or if Iran can strike out the bulk of the oil production in Saudi-Arabia. That should do the job. And about Bahrain, what if the Iranians are aware of the country’s kerosene fuel production as well as that the US is the number one trading partner with Bahrain, as opposed of all the other countries in the Persian Gulf which have China as their main export partner. You could do without the Saudi oil for a time, but the kerosene from Bahrain is vital for the US Airforce and the civilian airlines. Does Trump know that? What I mean is, is it too obvious for you to have bothered mentioning it to him?

I don’t want to offend you by stating obvious facts. But sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. It could be that you’re engine is just running on habit. Even the Arabs’ policies are logical seen from an evolutionary standpoint. They just aren’t aware. Of course you are not Arabs. But the Arabs lacks nerve because they do not know and are not aware of things that resembles this with the Chinese tactics in the South China Sea. Hence they wouldn’t have been able to keep their cool in a situation as the one described with the Chinese tactics. That’s where our western cultures excell, by us being meticulous. The Arabs only excell by having big egos. That is to say, they are perverts.

Say hello to president Trump from me! He knows who I am. I have watched Family Guy at times! He must be crazy, you may think. Perhaps. But I am not illogical.

Sincerely, Roger M. Klang, Lund 9/28/2019

Publicerad av Roger Klang

I come from Arboga, Sweden, same latitude as Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. The year in which I was born was 1965. But I grew up in the region of Scania in the south end of Sweden. I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ but I still don’t go to Church. I don’t know what else to say about myself so I’ll stop here. The truth is, you wouldn’t know me if you had read a book about me. I’m pretty unique I like to think. We all are, but especially me. Roger M. Klang, civis Lundensis

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